Developers / Builders

      • New Roads/Footways. We are experienced contractors for surfacing works in new developments having carried out works for several of the established builders in the area. As well as laying materials to current standards we are approved contractors for thin surfacing to Clause 942 for Hanson Tuffpave as well as Tarmac Mastertint and Masterdrive tough surfacing asphalt.

      • Property Driveways & Footways. We are qualified and have insurance to construct footway crossings under Section 184 Agreements. We are approved contractors to Tarmac for Masterdrive tough surfacing and can supply and lay Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA) both of these materials are suitable for drives prone to power steering damage.
      • Highway Works. We are qualified to undertake Section 278 works on public highways.


For more information telephone Hugh Hunter or Wyn Roberts on 01824 702870 - or use our online contact form


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